Monday, October 5, 2015

Internship Diaries #23

Parshvi Gupta
Reserve Bank of India

I had the great opportunity to do my summer internship in Reserve Bank of India. In the tenure of two months, I worked on “Enterprise Risk Management: Empirical Perspectives and Implications” project. I also learnt about the monetary policies, functioning of banks, how they are regulated by the central banks of their respective nations and other financial concepts. I was mentored by Ms. Shikhi Sharma, General Manager, RBI and was guided by Mr. Gopal Prasad, AGM, RBI and Ms. Depali Mishra, Manager, RBI. In my project, I did secondary research on various kinds of enterprise risks faced by banks and corporate all over the country. Also, primary research on ERM in RBI branches was conducted. Models, tools and techniques of ERM was analysed and its their practical implications were determined by qualitative and quantitative analysis.

I got great amount of exposure in RBI as I participated in central level discussions on monetary reviews, gold imports, currency fluctuations which included deputy governors of RBI and other meetings with heads of State Government departments and national banks to discuss progress on financial inclusion and issues with electronic funds. I got a clear idea of how regulator thinks and should think as decisions taken at regulatory level touch all lives and enjoyed this experience in RBI to the fullest. I was guided on every step and practical implications of various policies, new upcoming, etc. were vehemently discussed on an everyday basis. I personally was fond of library which had a great collection of books on diversified topics.

I enjoyed at curriculum center where everyone used to play various games. I personally sweated over
TT table. I witnessed an organization which has ideal work environment with nix cribbing. I am fortunate enough to witness the quality learning in an amiable environment in one of the most prestigious organization.

Thank You.

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