Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Internship Diaries #24

Vinay Kumar
KPMG, Gurgaon
I had the wonderful opportunity to pursue my Summer Internship at KPMG Gurgaon. Getting a chance to work for such a reputed company, which is consistently featured in “Best companies to work for” lists, was certainly exciting to me.

I did my internship in the Business Excellence Department of Management Consulting Division of KPMG. My major project was about performing Market Research to find out the applicability of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) in Supply Chain Management (SCM) domain. My key responsibilities included contacting the L&D department companies in NCR on daily basis to understand the applicability of LSS in their supply chain operations, preparing the PowerPoint presentations, to be used for pitching the companies for proposing the benefits of LSS in their SCM operations and Researching & Analyzing the LSS case studies/success stories for the same. In addition to that, I also contributed in organizing LSS workshops in KPMG Gurgaon and Noida offices, going for business development meetings with the Regional Head, Six Sigma North and maintaining database of the companies for fixing the meetings with Regional Head, Six Sigma North.

Work environment at KPMG Gurgaon was impressive. Sense of professionalism prevailed everywhere. Everything was simply perfect. People over there were experts in true sense. They were skilled, proficient and qualified to do whatever they were doing. My mentor was super-cool and the team mates were very friendly and candid. Besides work, we all used to go out to have lunch together. In addition to that, the office had a massive cafeteria which served everything from Costa Coffee to bhelpuri, fruit salads to buffets and even South Indian delicacies. With DLF Cyber Hub, (a place crowded with a lot of pubs, bars, restaurants and even Hard Rock Caf√©), being just walking distance from the office and Ambience Mall a few kilometers away, trust me, there’s no chance you’ll get bored there.

Being one of the best consulting firms in the world, KPMG offers you tremendous opportunities to develop, learn and enhance your skills. The firm offers you with a fun and comfortable workplace which motivates you to give your 100 percent. Through the projects, my data analysis skills were strengthened. I learnt how to use advanced functions of Excel and PowerPoint to analyze large amounts of data and provide relevant output. Furthermore, I strengthened my business communication skills and also developed the ability to be clear and concise while communicating in a professional environment. The management was supportive and very motivating which helped me as an intern to understand and face the challenges. I have learned to be accountable, responsible and flexible.

All in all, it was an enriching and rewarding experience interning at KPMG. I learnt a lot of exciting new things, and at the same time got to meet interesting people who were knowledgeable, dedicated and humble.

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