Thursday, October 29, 2015

Internship Diaries #48

Parth Malik 
HDFC Bank Ltd.

My summer internship at HDFC Bank corporate office in Mumbai was a great learning experience. My project there was process mapping and streamlining of SAP processes and HR operations of the Bank which involved application of six sigma and lean methodology.

HDFC Bank is rated as the most valuable brand of India and among the top 100 brands of the world. On the first day of the internship itself, I was briefed about the project and what was expected from me. My work required a combination of application of concepts while mapping process and also creativity as I had to come up with new ideas and suggestions for the purpose of streamlining the processes. Everything that I suggested during my weekly presentations was discussed in detail by the team and feasibility was judged. I had to strictly follow a data driven approach and also learned about the cost and time saving aspect of every change in a process. The suggestions that I presented had live implementation which was exciting.

The guidance from my mentor who is an alumnus of DoMS IIT Roorkee and support from the team at HDFC proved to be essential for successful completion of my internship. The hands on experience and the knowledge that I gained during my internship would go a long way in helping me shape my career. 

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